Element Hotel with 4th floor framing and roof trusses.

Element Dallas Ft. Worth Airport North

The Element is a four story extended stay following the new prototype from Starwood.

With clean, contemporary styling and lots of built-ins, the framing design and fabrication required close attention to exact dimensions. By designing the project in 3D, every panel was exactly sized to fit. Additional panels for room interiors provided a consistency from room to room not easily achieved with on site stick framing.Double shear panels

StiffWall® shear panels were doubled to give extra support in the 3-5/8" C-stud partition walls.

Joists and metal deck


Joists, metal deck, and concrete were used to support the upper floors. To assist the installers, rim tracks were precut and numbered to match the layout.

Panels ready to install

Panels are shipped in approximate build order. In about 3 days, each 17,000 square foot level was framed with structural wall panels and floor joists.