The image shows a forklift loading trusses onto a trailer for shipping.

Products and Services

Fabricated steel components are a cost effective choice for residential and commercial construction. Much of the labor required to frame a project is moved to a factory for more consistent quality and no weather related slow downs.

Fabricated components enhance the advantages of steel construction in the following ways:

The framing designer models the project from the original blue prints.

Our framing design uses advanced software to custom design wall panels, floor systems, and roof trusses for residential or commercial projects. The completed design package includes shop drawings, layouts, and construction details.

A Knudson roll former accurately cuts material to length and a Videojet printer labels each piece with identifying information.

The roll forming process uses the output of the design software to cut C-studs and track to length, greatly enhancing the accuracy and speed of fabrication. Roll forming is also available to support on site fabrication of large projects and to provide contractors custom-cut materials.

Wall panels are stacked and braced for safe delivery and easy unloading.

Wall panels and Trusses are fabricated to exact specifications using self-tapping screws. There are no welds or rivets to break. On site erection is simple and quick.

Trusses can often be double stacked to minimize shipping costs.

We offer consultation to architects, engineers, and developers who want to add the benefits of steel to their next project.