Residential trusses ready for delivery to a job site in Louisiana.

Light Gauge Steel Trusses

Designed and fabricated to exact specifications, light gauge trusses are an excellent choice for roof or floor systems in residential and commercial construction.

Back-to-back C-stud trusses offer the following advantages:

Pricing includes:

Hip truss with built-in soffit

Hip/Gable Roof – Trusses are custom designed to match the shape of almost any roof. We work to eliminate most overframing and extra soffit framing. Truss layouts consider ease of installation and allow for minor dimension descrepancies in the walls below. The Gleannloch Farms project required a complex set of hip conditions, an extra large overhang area, and the need for a mechanical space over the corridor. Our trusses met all of the challenges and were praised by the GC and the installer.

Sante Fe Lofts flat truss

Low Pitch Roof – Light gauge trusses provide a alternative to bar joists at shorter spans (30-35') for low pitch or flat roof framing and maintain the flexibility to work for odd shaped spaces. The Sante Fe Lofts 9th story add-on required over 150 unique truss profiles to accommodate the irregular shape of the building.

Juarez floor truss

Floor Systems – Light gauge trusses create a low deflection floor framing system that can accommodate mechanical runs perpendicular to the truss framing. These 2-story houses in Juarez Mexico used 2’ deep floor trusses with 1’6”x2’ penetrations designed into the truss profile to accommodate box ducting. The deep webbed truss combined with a form deck and 2.5” concrete topping created a very low deflection and sound deadening floor system.

Tunnel Truss

Mechanical Spaces – Trusses can be designed with integrated mechanical, living, or storage space. These houses build in Lafeyette, LA took advantage of this option to create mechanical space for hot water heaters and air conditioners saving valuable floor space on the ground floor.


Optional Extras: